Distribution Services
For Print and eJournals, Science Alert can increase your sales
When you choose Science Alert’s as your Print, ebook and eJournal distributor, we will take care of getting your title to the market as efficiently as possible.

Our sales team takes your titles directly to book wholesalers, retailers, eBook distributors, and online sellers with whom we have long-standing relationships. By putting your print and eBook and eJournal titles in front of the industry’s most important decision makers, we open the doors to new sales opportunities and broaden your print, ebook and ejournal distribution possibilities.

Science Alert uses the latest industry technology for print, eBook and eJournal distribution to spread your title information to our trading partners while ensuring accuracy of your titles’ metadata. We can also include your titles in our seasonal catalogs that we promote to large wholesalers and retailers.

We have also developed new ways to market Print, eBooks and eJournals on other sites to get your book noticed and give Web users the opportunity to “buy now” no matter where they see your book description. We’ve created “widgets” that you can place on websites that are interested in promoting your work. Visitors to those pages see a sample of your book and can buy immediately.

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