Editorial Services
Maximizing the Quality, Effectiveness, and Profitability

Constant pressure to publish more, faster, and for less means that publishers require continuous improvement in production processes. The combination of a dynamic readership and highly competitive marketplace requires new levels of agility and scalability to respond effectively to market demands. Achieving a balance of flexible, best-cost publishing, without compromising quality, requires a publishing services partner with a sophisticated operational platform and a resource base that can be deployed rapidly to meet your unique and changing requirements, from eBook publishing to corporate publishing.

Science Alert's publishing services professionals have rich track records in managing editorial and production processes for the world's largest STM/Professional, Trade, and Education publishers. Science Alert works for each publisher's best interests, with a rigorous attention to publication integrity. With more than 2.600 globally deployed professionals and over 10 years of experience, Science Alert's proven approach to outsourcing achieves a tight integration of people and processes across your content supply chain. Our working model delivers the most successful and cost-effective customer/vendor collaboration possible. Contact with us for any of the following services.

Asset Research, Rights & Permissions
Digital rights and permissions management can be tricky at best and a legal maze at worst
Managing & Production Editors
An extension of your editorial staff invested in your success.
Developmental Editing
Impartial document editing from an exceptional editorial team.
Typograpiic Services
Where art and science converge for elegant communication.
Writing and Editing Staffing
Writing and editing solutions to meet your unique needs.
Project Management
Achieving your project's quality, time and budget goals.
Copy Editing
Rigorous scrutiny with respect for the writer's voice.
Driving content quality to the limit.

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